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Most Important Things You- Know Before Buying Towels Online

How do you decide which towel to purchase, primarily online?

You can realize the importance of a towel only when you forget to take one with you to your bathroom. Though the core function of a cotton towel is to keep you dry and clean, it enhances the aesthetics of your bathroom and offers you the feeling of softness and comfort every time. Since the plain dyed face towel is a staple household product, towels are available at almost every household store at charges as low as INR 200.

Below are some of the limitations to keep in mind while browsing through the towels on e-commerce websites.

  • Weight: you can usually measure the towel weight in GSM, i.e., Gram per Square Meter. Lighter towels ponder anywhere between 300 to 400 GMS, but they are too soft for daily use. Standard towels weigh between 400 to 600 GSM, while luxury hotel towels weigh more than 600 GSM. The heavier towel has more absorbent properties, and the more time it takes to dry.
  • Material: The tag at the corner of the towel indicates the material or composition. It is one of the essential factors to consider when purchasing a towel, but people often ignored it. Different fibers accomplish differently in terms of softness, absorption, and durability. The most commonly used towel fabric is cotton. Other potential choices are bamboo, which is more environment-friendly, and microfiber, a cheap polyester.
  • Absorbency: The towel’s weight in GSM is the best indicator of absorbency. Thicker and heavier cotton towels with a higher GSM are usually more absorbent. Products that are ready with cotton or cotton-rayon blends also tend to steep more water.
  • Size: When you purchase online, you have to pay attention to the towel’s size chart. Nothing is more irritating than realizing you can hardly wrap yourself up in that towel you ordered so happily—standard towels measure between 27 and 30 inches wide and 52 and 58 inches long. A kid’s towel or plain dyed face towel comes in 27 to 52 inches. If you have to wrap yourself around with a plush and comfortable feel comfortably, try ordering bath sheets that are between 35 and 40 inches wide and 60 and 70 inches long.
  • Return Policy: Some towel brands accept returns up to some days from the date of purchase. Complaints about shrinkage, size, color fading, etc., come only after actual product usage. To create a point to go through the return policy of the vendors.

Towel Care

The best way to make your cotton towels last longer is to take proper care. Stains and pulling are the two critical threats to cotton towel longevity. Keep your everyday towels away from cleaning products that contain bleach to avoid staining. Skin treatments, like benzoyl peroxide for acne, can leave permanent marks on towels.

If a cotton towel gets caught or pulled, it will not untie – cut off the dragged loop. Problem solved!

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