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What is laundry Stripping?

Laundry Stripping

We all love the cozy comfort of fresh, fluffy towels, but they can lose their softness and absorbency over time. It should come as no surprise that washing clothes properly isn’t a simple process and may easily become an endless one, especially if numerous people are living in the home. However, if, despite your best efforts, your favorite clothing, warmest towels, and nicest bed linens begin to look worn and feel scratchy, you know you need to take action. That’s the allure of laundry stripping and why it’s become such an online sensation.

Fortunately, towel stripping is a quick and efficient fix. By stripping towels in the washing machine, you may eliminate accumulated residue, odors, and mineral deposits, giving your towels a fresh appearance and feel. Towel stripping in your washing machine may help you recover its natural plushness and guarantee a spa-like experience each time you wrap yourself in one. We’ll guide you through the procedure step-by-step in this blog.

What is laundry stripping?

A cleaning technique called laundry stripping uses soaking to remove stubbornly stuck-on dirt and filth from clothes. Typically, laundry stripping methods include hot water, Borax, washing soda, and detergent to properly clean such materials. Although it brings a lot of time and action, after you’ve stripped your clothes once, you shouldn’t need to do it again for a while.

A Guide to Stripping Towels in the Washing Machine

Understanding Towel Stripping:

Let’s first define towel stripping and discuss why it’s required before moving on to the procedure. Towels gather body oils, detergent residue, fabric softener waste, and mineral deposits from hard water over time. These materials may cause towels to feel stiff, become less absorbent, or even smell bad. Towel stripping is a thorough cleaning technique that renews the towels by removing these unwelcome residues

Gather Your Supplies:

Gather the necessary materials before you begin:

  • Laundry detergent: Pick a powerful detergent that can handle thorough cleaning.
  • Borax: A mineral that occurs naturally and aids in breaking oils and residue.
  • Washing soda: Also referred to as sodium carbonate, it helps eliminate tenacious stains and odors.
  • White vinegar: a natural fabric softener that aids in eradicating mineral buildup.
  • Baking soda: A multipurpose cleaner that brightens clothes and eliminates odors

Setting Up Your Washing Machine:

After gathering the material, check the washing machine. Make sure it is clean and ready before stripping your towels. First, put in hot water, run the machine, and add one cup of white vinegar. It will help you eliminate any detergent buildup or odors that linger. Use a fresh towel or sponge to wipe the interior of the detergent dispenser and the drum. By taking this precaution, you can keep your towels from becoming contaminated, and the stripping agents will function properly.

Adding Towels to the Cart:

Divide your towels into smaller loads to get the most agitation and cleaning. Ineffective stripping might occur if the machine is overloaded. Add one cup of Borax, the required amount of laundry detergent, and one cup of washing soda to the drum after filling it with hot water. Before adding the towels, stir the water briefly to ensure the components are dissolved.


Start a long wash cycle with the highest water level setting on the washing machine. Allow the towels to soak for 1-2 hours to let the stripping agents do their thing. After the initial soak, stop the cycle and add a cup of white vinegar. Vinegar aids in odor neutralization, fabric softening, and mineral buildup removal. Restart the cycle and let it finish. 

Rinsing and Drying:

After the cycle is over, drain the water and thoroughly rinse the towels to get rid of any last bits of residue or stripping agents. To guarantee a thorough rinse, conduct a second rinse cycle. Transfer the towels to the dryer after cleaning them, or hang them outside to dry naturally. To keep your towels feeling fresh, avoid adding fabric softeners or dryer sheets throughout this process.

Take Comfort in Your Refreshed Towels:

Congratulations! Your towels are prepared to wrap you in luscious softness once you have successfully stripped them. Take note of how much more absorbent and fragrant your towels are now. Add towel stripping to your usual laundry process every few months or whenever your towels need a boost. Doing this increases their longevity and maintain top health and appearance.

Additional Advice on Maintaining Towel Quality:

While towel stripping is a great way to revive your towels, there are some more recommendations you can do to keep their quality by wholesale towel manufacturers:

  1. Proper Washing Routine: Separate your towels from other washing items, especially garments with zippers or hooks that might snag. This guard against damage and guarantees the towels are properly agitated and cleaned.
  2. Use Minimal Detergent: Using too much detergent might leave behind residue that can accumulate over time. Use the required dosage and think about using a detergent designed especially for towels or people with sensitive skin.
  3. Steer clear of fabric softeners. These products can coat towels and lessen their absorbency. Instead, choose natural substitutes like white vinegar for the rinse cycle or dryer balls to assist with fabric softening.  
  4. Hang Towels Correctly: Hang your towels to dry completely after each usage. Do not leave them folded or crumpled for a long time since this might encourage the growth of germs and musty odors.  
  5. Good Routine Cleaning: Besides stripping your towels, consider giving them a good clean once every few months. It might entail washing in hot water with vinegar and baking soda or using a laundry booster made especially to get rid of buildup and odors.


You may restore your towels’ softness, absorbency, and freshness using the towel stripping method in your laundry cycle. Deep cleaning and residue removal are part of the straightforward procedure, which can be completed using products found in most homes. Don’t forget to adhere to the detailed instructions from Towel Manufacturers In Pakistan, take good care of your towels, and take advantage of their revitalizing pleasure. Using these suggestions and tactics, you can ensure that it feels like a soft, comfortable hug whenever you go for a towel.

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