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What The Color of Your Medical Scrubs Means and How to Choose

Several hospitals require employees to wear specific-colored medical scrubs.

Sometimes, it differentiates between departments, so it is easier to identify physicians from surgeons and nurses. Other times it is psychological since specific colors elicit certain emotions in people. Whatever the case, medical professionals should not take scrubs selection color lightly.

Here’s what the color of your scrubs offers by the nurse dress uniform exporter and how to pick which is best for you.


White was the foremost color physicians, nurses, and surgeons used to wear. The rationale back then was that white represented hygiene and purity. It essentially went out of fashion in the medical world as early practitioners realized white causes several issues.

On the patient level, white medical scrubs caused headaches, making eye strain and visual fatigue. The color is also complicated to get blood stains out of them. Even when cleaning with bleach, the stain would not entirely go away—it will just change to brown or green, and the scrubs might often have to throw out.

So, think twice before going with white medical scrubs.


Purple can put out mixed feelings, dependent on the person.

Some view it as childlike or immature, maybe not taking you seriously as a competent medical professional if you wear it. Others view it as a solid color, associating it with royalty and empowerment. Regardless, it is not too hard on the eyes; therefore, there is no health risk to patients by wearing this color. And it is a fun color, which is excellent when working with children.


For many patients, red is the worst-colored scrubs you can wear.

Because blood is red, and red medical scrubs may remind patients of blood, something no patient wants when sick. However, red is an excellent scrub color choice if you wear it during an awareness campaign since you are trying to teach how to avoid a health issue, and red can embody that fear and create the point land harder.

Otherwise, the nurse dress uniform exporter suggested you avoid this scrubs color at all prices.


Green is one of the best scrub colors you can select since it’s associated with peace, healing, and tranquility.

On a scientific level, green is to lower a person’s blood pressure when searching at it. One reason is that it is the opposite of red on the color wheel. However, green also makes it easy to hide bright red bloodstains, which spreads how long you can use the scrubs before a wash. Lastly, green scrub helps ease a surgeon’s eyestrain throughout surgery so they can focus.


There’s a reason why not numerous healthcare professionals go with yellow scrubs.

Like red, yellow is well-known to increase people’s heart rates when looking at it, perhaps due to its bold and eye-catching appearance.

On the other hand, people also associate yellow with happiness and positivity (like the sun). Due to this, yellow scrubs are a good idea for pediatric offices and hospice care to lift people’s moods.

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