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Casual Shirts

Casual Shirts

Fiber content: 100% Cotton, 65% Cotton 35%

Polyester Fabric Style: Yarn Dyed, Fabric Dyed, Oxford, Sateen, Twill

Fabric weight: 160gsm to 220gsm

Colors: Multi Colors

Regular: Without any Pocket & One Pocket on left side



Cotton Dress Shirts: Style Meets Comfort

Looking good and wearing a decent shirt has several benefits. People usually think that a casual look is cool but to dress up appropriately for work or every day gives you a visual impression that will compliment your professionalism. A dress shirt is a perfect balance between too casual and too formal.

Enjoy endless options with us!

UZAIR TEXTILE leading textile manufacturer offers 100% cotton dress shirts with high-quality fabric that can ingest dampness. We provide original cotton dress shirts that will boost your self-confidence, make you feel comfortable, and make yourself ready to face business challenges.

Personal appearance affects every individual, so we are offering a perfect cotton dress shirt at a workplace that will affect your work as well, such as

  • It will help you transform your state of mind. Moreover, It will boost your confidence in the workplace, and you will act more professionally as a professional businessman.
  • It will improve your self-discipline.
  • People will appreciate your efforts and recognize you in the crowd. Moreover, professional dress develops the persona of an individual of a mature person, sure about what he wants and ready to take charge.

Pros of using 100% cotton dress shirts

  • Cotton has extraordinary cooling properties.

Our cotton has a breathable texture, enabling you to remain dry and cool while your skin is as yet ready to ease. Even on hotter summer days, these cotton dress shirts remain cool and crisp throughout the day

  • Cotton is superbly soft

We offer soft cotton shirts, which will make you feel pleasant and will satisfy your skin. Also, it gives you an extravagance feel when wearing them. Cotton additionally remains delicate after some time. Moreover, the soft and smooth quality of cotton will make you feel perfect for carrying it for a longer time.

  • Cotton is substantial

Cotton is additionally impervious to the heat and keeps well with pressing. Further, solid cotton fiber has the quality to deal with hard chemicals and washing cleansers. They also help to make your clothes clean without affecting the quality.

  • Cotton is hypoallergenic

People with sensitive or touchy skin can wear our cotton dress shirts every day without any issue. As some people are some skin allergies and are not able to wear every cloth but wearing 1

individuals with exceptionally touchy skin can wear full cotton shirts every day. A few people with skin conditions decide on just and only wearing 100% cotton dress shirts is comfortable for every skin type since it is the main texture that their skin handles well.

We were hoping you could put your best self forward! By wearing our high-quality casual cotton shirt and look decent and handsome at the same time.

Our company is here to provide you the best cotton dress shirts at competitive prices and has 22 years of experience handling small and big orders. Moreover, we have various products in our products range like Towels, T-shirts, Denim Jeans, Shirts, and Casual Pants.

Moreover, We offer a wide range of dress shirts in multiple colors and styles. We recommend having three dress shirts, including One white, one navy, and one black, from our wardrobe, as they are a go-to option for every event.

Buy now! The 100% cotton dress shirts from UZAIR TEXTILE!

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