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Patient Gown

Patient Gown

Fiber content: 80% Cotton / 20% Polyester,65%Polyester / 35% Cotton/100% Cotton

Fabric weight: 153gsm, 245gsm

Colors: White

Size: XS – 5XL

Model # PTG 110



Model # PTG 111

Get 100% Patient’s Gown At The Most Affordable Price!

Are you looking for patient gowns for your hospital? UZAIR patient Gown manufacturers are the go-to place for you. Our Hospital gowns are worn by patients so that hospital staff can undoubtedly access the part of the patient’s body. We have the most versatile and pure cotton fabric gowns that can withstand repeated laundering in hot water and is secure at the back with twill tape ties.

Why our patient’s gowns?

Our gowns are hospital staff appropriate as it achieves all medical needs. Moreover, the rich experience and knowledge base experts of patient Gown manufacturers ensure pure quality to our valued customers.

The available Gown finds broad treatment in hospitals and is worn by patients who go through treatment. It is comfortable, skin-friendly, soft, and resistant to stains. Also, this Gown can be effortlessly washed and disinfected owing to its color retaining property. It is available in different styles and 100% cotton or blended with polyester produced to purchasers’ specifications as unique production.


patient Gown manufactures gowns are one of leading gowns as our products have numerous benefits which differentiate us from others.

  • They are highly cost-effective as our patient gowns are professionally cleaned and reused several times, which will benefit from cutting your overall costs.
  • They are composed of 100% pure cotton.
  • They are resealable and quickly clean and sanitize.
  • They are environmentally friendly.
  • Available in all the sizes
  • They are highly comfortable to wear and durable.
  • These gowns are highly stylish and provide full coverage to the patient’s body.

So, get the best Gown for your patient and make the hospital environment clean and secure. Contact us for any further information.

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