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Size 30 X 30 cm
Materials 100% cotton
Color white,Blue,Orange,Yellow,Purple,Black
Density 500+ GSM
Texture Both side fur texture for absorbing the water
Thickness Approx. ½”


We’re offering Hand Towels Manufacturer Pakistan to people who look to purchase luxury-style hand towels at affordable prices. Own a hotel business? You know that your customers notice the small details that make your company the best at what it does.  

Shouldn’t you provide them with the most comfortable experience possible, regardless of where they are or what they are doing? Every time your customers or employees use one of our hand towels. They provide an absorbent, soft, and fluffy effect.

Furthermore, when you shop at Uzair Textiles, you’ll get wholesale hand towels at low prices in every color, weight, and price range. Day after day, spas require an abundance of hand towels. If you’re tired of buying hand towels, it’s time to try our 100% cotton-made hand towels for various uses.

Buy Luxury Hand Towel and Enjoy Its Benefits!

Cotton is a naturally absorbent material, so one 30 x 30 cm hand towel should suffice for one customer. This reduces the number of hand towels required per guest and thus the frequency with which they must be laundered.

Moreover, this allows you to stretch your laundering budget over time. It also solves the problem of hand towels that don’t do the job comfortably or consistently.

One of the main advantages of using our hand towels is that it provides the best absorbent effect. You should definitely buy and enjoy its soft touch.

We provide hand towels that never let you down! These 100% cotton hand towels offer all of the benefits of high-end cotton products at a fraction of the price. In addition, the more units of a dozen hand towels you buy from our online store, the less money you’ll pay per towel.

Purchase The Best Budget White Hand Towels Right Now!

Looking for pointers on how to keep these hand towels in good condition? It doesn’t take much extra care to make the most of your cotton towel investments. Simply adhere to the following guidelines to keep them feeling and performing well:

  •         You should watch your used towels on a regular basis. The less time a damp towel is allowed to sit without being washed, the better.
  •         To bring out the brightness of your white hand towels, use a bleach substitute. Cotton fibers are rapidly degraded by regular bleach. Furthermore, today’s commercial bleach substitutes work wonders!
  •         Avoid using fabric softeners. They leave an invisible film on the top of the fibers, which accumulates over time. Furthermore, it degrades the moisture of white cotton hand towels.
  •         Remove your wholesale hand towels from the dryer as soon as possible. They’ll be the fluffiest at this point. Fold and store them or place them directly in guest rooms.

Your salon or spa can’t afford to use too many towels per customer with a constant need for cleaned and dried hand towels. That is one of the reasons why you and your employees will appreciate our versatile hand towels.

Why Buy Cotton Hand Towels?

Cotton has been a popular fabric for centuries due to its inherent properties:

  •         Cotton fibers are naturally cushiony and dry to a fluffy softness when wet. Cotton towels will be suitable for guests with sensitive skin.
  •         Cotton is stained-resistant, and it is simple to clean. It not only naturally resists stains, but it also absorbs odors. Your towels will be very clean when they come out of the washing machine, which will please your guests.
  •         However, cotton tends to hold its shape over time, especially if it has been tightly woven. These premium cotton gym towels are made to last. Your towels will not only last, but they will also remain uniform in size. This makes folding and storing them easier.

Low-Cost Hand Towels

Another factor that keeps customers returning to Hand Towel Manufacturers in Pakistan is the low prices. Moreover, we offer an affordable rate on retail pricing, and we’ll give you even more savings if you buy in bulk from us.  

In the long run, this saves you money and time. You do not want to have to replace your towels every few months.

Not only for home use, but we also provide hand towels for your gym, health club, or fitness facility. Visit uztextiles and place bulk orders for our extensive towel collection, which includes soft & smooth hand towels in a variety of sizes.

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